Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I spun up some great black and white roving and added some gradation to it. It is def. more white with dark than that picture shows, but that just helps me prove my point that I need a new camera. 

Then I made this great little neck warmer out of felted roving.

And I got a super fun bag of "crap" from a friend on Ravelry. I need more crap like this!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Alpaca washing!

I have been busy dyeing and working with an alpaca blanket I bought from
alpacas of sunshine farms. The alpaca's name is Juanita - and she is too cute!
I am hoping to crochet a blanket out of it. I also have spun more yarn and will hopefully get pictures of later on today or tomorrow.

Can't wait for this semester to school to be over!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I have been SUPER busy on my spinning wheel. Probably way more productive than I would be if it wasn't this cold out! I have learned I do not like the winter at all. Fingers and toes keep getting numb - but that's for another blog! Here are some images of what I have been working on.

This first one below is some wool that would be great as outer wear. It is very rough to the touch but I love the coloring. I did a long draw with rolags. I have to start learning the proper terminology! This is a single. I did roll it into a center pull ball and I will use that to ply it to itself. I do not want anything to dilute the color tones - which really don't come through well on my camera (i know what i am asking Santa for this year).

These two were fun to do. The first is my cotton candy. I mixed the pink and blue wool with the hackle my husband made me then dizzed it off. I then just plied it on itself. The red one I worked like "beehives". I saw a you tube video on this. The core is a black crochet thread and the wool was dyed with Kool Aid - the red was specifically Black Cherry FYI.

This is a blue and grey alpaca roving I got from the Endless Mountain Fiber Festival last month and did a semi-boucle (sp?). And then again you see the cotton candy yarn :-)

This is a great pink alpaca fiber. I just plied it with the black crochet thread. Nothing fancy. I left the nubs and such in there for texture. They aren't going anywhere and the picture does it no justice. The color is spot on - hot pink! 

 Here is another one plied on itself. Again I had used the hackle to make an art roving but I think the colors got blended to much for my liking. My daughter and daughter in law love the thick/thin that I have fun doing. I love that my yarns are coming out all balanced!

 And this is my electric spinning wheel. I got it from etsy from Heavenly Handspinning Splindles and Wheels, and their stuff is great and I love that I can support a true craftsman.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This is the hackle my husband made for me and (for now) how I am storing my rolags :-)

My New Spinning Wheel!

Here are some images of my new spinning wheel and what I have done with it!
I call her Elsa (get it) my new Vespera Machine!

My first spinning was this wonderfully soft grey and beige alpaca - next came blending some white wool and alpaca with angelina. 

Then I made my own lazy kate

And proceeded to two ply this great yarn- may become a scarf for my daughter!

More dyeing

Here are more pics of dyeing and how I set them on the table to dry.

The colors look like candy!