Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This is the hackle my husband made for me and (for now) how I am storing my rolags :-)

My New Spinning Wheel!

Here are some images of my new spinning wheel and what I have done with it!
I call her Elsa (get it) my new Vespera Machine!

My first spinning was this wonderfully soft grey and beige alpaca - next came blending some white wool and alpaca with angelina. 

Then I made my own lazy kate

And proceeded to two ply this great yarn- may become a scarf for my daughter!

More dyeing

Here are more pics of dyeing and how I set them on the table to dry.

The colors look like candy!



Welcome to my first post on my new blog!  I have found a new passion - definitely goes beyond hobby - and it is working with wool and alpaca fleece (is that the correct term?).

I am still learning quite a bit, but only started toying with it this summer. I first discovered needle felting and started making little lambs for my future grandson Charlie. Then I started learning about carding and dyeing with Kool Aid - That was a BLAST! Below are my images from the Kool Aid dyeing.